Australasian Boer Goat Show 2017

Junior Champion and Reserve Junior Champion Does - Australasian Boer Goat Show 2017










With 14 Studs represented from Victoria, SA, NSW and Qld we knew it was going to be a great competitive day.  As always it was great to catch up with everyone and as usual there was lots of friendly rivalry.  It is always interesting to see the new kids from the past 12 months breeding and to see how some of the goats had developed  from last year.

This year there were individual Red Classes included in the program.

Our Results were:

Amahle Parisienne – 1st Place – Doe Kid 9mths and under 12mths

Amahle Jordan – 2nd Place – Doe Kid 9mths and under 12 mths

Junior Champion Doe – Amahle Parisienne

Reserve Champion Junior Doe – Amahle Jordan

Amahle Khloe – 4th Place – Intermediate Does 12mths and under 18mths

Amahle Inca – 4th Place – Intermediat Does 18mths and under 24mths

Red Classes

Amahle Sizzle – 1st Place – Doe Kid 3mths to 7mths

Reserve Champion Junior Red Doe – Amahle Sizzle

Amahle Spice – 3rd Place – Senior Red Doe Kid 12mths to under 24mths

Amahle Khaboom – 2nd Place – Intermediate Buck 12mths and under 18mths  

Amahle Octane – 2nd Place – Intermediate Buck 18mths and under 24mths