Jul 30, 2017

After much anticipation, Khaleesi has produced quads - 2 girls and 2 boys. Khaleesi delivered between midnight and 2am, with the temperature being a very frosty -2. The kids weighed in at: Buck 1: 4.4kg Buck 2: 5.15kg Doe 1: 4.7kg Doe 2: 4.9kg Mum and bubs are all doing well. Khaleesi's daughter Khloe kidded the afternoon prior producing twin girls. Doe 1: 4.77kg Doe 2: 4.57kg Babies are putting on a nice amount of weight and both mums and bubs are being monitored.

May 28, 2017

We only had a small group of does kid in April but there are more kids due in July, August and a larger kidding in September. We are extremely happy with this first drop of kids for the year.  Maiden doe Inca kidded first with twins - a buck (4.82kg) and a doe (4.36kg) and she is doing an amazing job as a first time mum.  Juno was next to kid and also produced twins - a buck (5.1kg) and a doe (5kg) and Stevie Nicks kidded with triplets - two does (4.5kg and 3.65kg) and a buck but unfortunately the buck didnt survive the birthing process, which was very sad. The sires used this time were Amahle Octane and Amahle Rumble. [metaslider id=529]

Mar 25, 2017

                  With 14 Studs represented from Victoria, SA, NSW and Qld we knew it was going to be a great competitive day.  As always it was great to catch up with everyone and as usual there was lots of friendly rivalry.  It is always interesting to see the new kids from the past 12 months breeding and to see how some of the goats had developed  from last year. This year there were individual Red Classes included in the program. Our Results were: Amahle Parisienne - 1st Place - Doe Kid 9mths and under 12mths Amahle Jordan - 2nd Place - Doe Kid 9mths and under 12 mths Junior Champion Doe - Amahle Parisienne Reserve Champion Junior Doe - Amahle Jordan Amahle Khloe - 4th Place - Intermediate Does 12mths and under 18mths Amahle Inca - 4th Place - Intermediat Does 18mths and under 24mths Red Classes Amahle Sizzle - 1st Place - Doe Kid 3mths to 7mths Reserve Champion Junior Red Doe - Amahle Sizzle Amahle Spice - 3rd Place - Senior Red Doe Kid 12mths to under 24mths Amahle Khaboom - 2nd Place - Intermediate Buck 12mths and under 18mths   Amahle Octane - 2nd Place - Intermediate Buck 18mths and under 24mths [metaslider id=528]  

Nov 01, 2016

September Kidding As a young buck we only gave Octane a run with two girls to see how he went on his first time out with the ladies.  He was put our with one of our Show Does - Pryia and one of our lovely breeding does Starr. Pryia had two buck kids and Starr had quad doe kids (0ne of which had died in utero). We also used our Red Boer Buck, Chilli again, as he is proving to be a good all round buck providing us with some exceptional offspring both red and standard.  Chilli was put over 7 does including Khaleesi who had had triplet "show" quality kids last year. Khaleesi had quads this time around and once again the quality of kids that come out of this combination is amazing. For the first time Chilli produced some lovely fullblood red Boer kids with mothers that had a "recessive red gene".  Jalapeno being an outstanding little buck kid who unfortunately was rejected by his mum so has become a "bottle baby" so will take a little longer to grow out. [metaslider id=490]

Nov 01, 2016

We only had a few outings to the shows this season due to the inclement weather.  As always it is good to catch up with other breeders and to have a bit of friendly rivalry. Unfortunately as we are in the show ring we arent always able to have photos of the goats in the Show Ring. Kyabram: Junior Champion Doe - Amahle Khloe  - AMHFL1563 (Sire - Amahle Red Hot Chilli Pepper) Junior Champion Buck - Amahle Khaboom (Sire - Amahle Red Hot Chilli Pepper) Champion Buck - Amahle Khaboom Other placings: Does 6 - 12 mths - 1st Amahle Khloe Does 6 - 12mths - 3rd Amahle Jordan Does 18mths - 2 years - 2nd Amahle Inca Does over 3 - 2nd Amahle Phoebe Bucks 0 - 3mths - 2nd Amahle Khaos Bucks 0 - 3 mths - 2nd Amahle Jalapeno Bucks 6 - 12 mths - 1st Amahle Khaboom Bucks 6 - 12 - 2nd Amahle Rumble 2nd in Breeders Group 2nd in Sires Group. Cobram: There was only two breeders showing on the day.  We did exceptionally well all but one of the major awards on the day. [metaslider id=522]

Oct 06, 2016

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Jun 23, 2016

We purchased Boxer from the reknown Micathel Boer Goat Stud with a view to "tweak" a few things that we thought needed improvement in our herd.

May 04, 2016

We were extremely happy with our achievements at the Australasian Boer Goat Show.

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