Latest babies for 2017

Amahle Bridgandine

We only had a small group of does kid in April but there are more kids due in July, August and a larger kidding in September.

We are extremely happy with this first drop of kids for the year.  Maiden doe Inca kidded first with twins – a buck (4.82kg) and a doe (4.36kg) and she is doing an amazing job as a first time mum.  Juno was next to kid and also produced twins – a buck (5.1kg) and a doe (5kg) and Stevie Nicks kidded with triplets – two does (4.5kg and 3.65kg) and a buck but unfortunately the buck didnt survive the birthing process, which was very sad.

The sires used this time were Amahle Octane and Amahle Rumble.