September 2016 Kidding

Khaleesi and quads

September Kidding

As a young buck we only gave Octane a run with two girls to see how he went on his first time out with the ladies.  He was put our with one of our Show Does – Pryia and one of our lovely breeding does Starr.

Pryia had two buck kids and Starr had quad doe kids (0ne of which had died in utero).

We also used our Red Boer Buck, Chilli again, as he is proving to be a good all round buck providing us with some exceptional offspring both red and standard.  Chilli was put over 7 does including Khaleesi who had had triplet “show” quality kids last year.

Khaleesi had quads this time around and once again the quality of kids that come out of this combination is amazing.

For the first time Chilli produced some lovely fullblood red Boer kids with mothers that had a “recessive red gene”.  Jalapeno being an outstanding little buck kid who unfortunately was rejected by his mum so has become a “bottle baby” so will take a little longer to grow out.